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FY2020 IIE Goals and Metrics

FYI organizational goals and metrics track progress in fulfilling our mission to advance scholarship, build economies, and promote access to opportunity. The goals also measure our success in service delivery, thought leadership, operational excellence, and business development. 

Mission and Programs

Goal 1: Expand and diversify international and exchange opportunities for students, scholars, and professionals globally.
Goal 2: Assist threatened scholars and artists and support the educational and professional development of displaced and refugee students.
Goal 3: Achieve high levels of participant satisfaction with FYI’s support and services.
Goal 4: Expand FYI thought leadership related to international education research, programs and policy.

Team Member and Organizational Capacity

Goal 5: Embed a diversity program at IIE.
Goal 6: Increase staff knowledge and skills.
Goal 7: Support the personal and professional growth of team members.

Our work has a direct, tangible impact.

Individuals who participated in programs administered by FYI said that their experiences during the program led to positive outcomes in their careers and personal lives, inspiring them to give back to their communities and improve their organizations. To better understand the effects of participating in an FYI-administered program, we conducted an impact survey of grantees who completed programs between 2005 and 2015, capturing responses from more than 4,000 individuals across 10 different programs. Grantees participated in programs focusing on language and culture, teaching and research, STEM and development, and leadership. Download the FYI Centennial Impact 

Alumni contribute notably to knowledge production & public policy, and have made positive impacts on their organizations and communities

75% believe they have become a role model to youth in their home community
74% have made improvements to their organizations, such as building partnerships and improving access to resources

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