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Be A Volunteer

We need you.

Who can apply the program?

Volunteers are encouraged to choose one of the Public Action Groups (PAGs) depending on either proximity to their residence / area of interest to be able to engage in collective action with other volunteers. A Volunteer can also choose be a Virtual volunteer and contribute in online campaigns or initiate a new PAG in their neighbourhood/corporate/residential association or among their professional network based on guidance of a FYI Volunteer Action employee. In either of the type of volunteering that is chosen, volunteers are expected to commit a reasonable amount of time and perform the task whole heartedly.

What is the benefits?

Acknowledging every individual FYI volunteer for their contribution to protect and promote the rights of children

Celebrating together the changes that volunteers have brought about in the lives of children.

Reinforcing a stronger connect with CRY and to strengthen a sense of identity as Volunteers of FYI.

How To Apply?

Step 1: Submit your application

Submit your application to the organization

Step 2: Wait for the interview

Wait for the interviewer to call you and interview.

Step 3: Once Selected

Complete onboarding and documentation.

Step 4: Contribute to the organization

Contribute to the organization.

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